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Welcome on TB4S (ToolBox for Solaris) web page. Here you can download small useless utilities designed for Solaris. I wrote them essentialy as an excuse to practice C. So no need to say they are not supposed to be 100% bug free. However, I am using them heavily on Solaris 8-9 boxes, Sparc and Intel version, and so far it looks fine. But if you think the code is awkward or not secure enough, feel free to improve it of course.




Utilities Observation Source file
confdump Dumps a hardware config, with memory and cpu info confdump.c
userplus Creates user & group and initialize password from cli userplus.c
dayof Manipulates date dayof.c
fkcpy Funky copy : copies files and gives some stats fkcpy_sol.c
enuser Enumerates users and their ID enuser.c
cpustress Stresses the CPU cpustress.c



All these programs have been written in C. Specific Solaris librairies have been used, so they are not portable "asis" on other plateform like Linux.


You will find how to compile them in the source file. Basicaly, you will run "gcc -o target source.c". Note that you can use any name for "target".


If you have any remarks, any idea of new utilities, just write your comments in the text box below :





Disclaimer : There are no copyrights on these programs. However,they cannot be sold, or incorporated on a commercial medium : they can be distributed via this web site only. The author of these programs cannot be liable for any damage or loss of data due to the use of them. Use these programs at your own risk. No support of any kind will be provided.